ERP Project Planning: Don’t Make These Two Common Mistakes

There are thousands of articles, white papers, and webinars available online explaining the most important steps to take during ERP project planning and execution. Among the most common advice out there is to do your research, take your time, and cover all of your bases; but some companies are still making two mistakes that can potentially turn your ERP project into a massive failure.

According to a recent survey from Capterra, 1/3 of ERP buyers did not even demo a product prior to buying it and what’s even more shocking is that 22% of companies shopping for ERP purchased the first software they looked at!

The companies skipped over these details to speed up the selection and implementation process, but shortcuts like that can (and likely will) lead to serious regrets down the road. By not comparing all of their options, these companies risk selecting a system that does not fit their needs and they are dumping a significant amount of money and time on a project they will  inevitably need to start all over again in the not so distant future.

There are plenty of steps involved in choosing the right vendor and solution and a long list of things to be done before ERP implementation can be started. System demos and comparisons are arguably the most important step in the process so you can see exactly what you are getting with a system and how it will fit your unique processes.  By making the most out of your ERP demo and carefully comparing systems, you will recognize the cost savings, increased productivity, and many other benefits associated with a successful ERP implementation; rushing through it will do just the opposite.

The study was published in January 2013 and surveyed 400 US professionals with different job functions in a variety of industries who had been a part of an ERP software purchase in the past 2 years. The full survey results from Capterra are available here.

ERP Project Planning


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