ERP Selection: Avoiding The Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Project

ERP selection and the subsequent implementation of that sysem can be one of the most expensive and time consuming projects that a company will have to face when it comes to IT. If you choose wisely and have a good implementation team, ERP can be among the most beneficial projects you will ever complete. But if done poorly and without the proper preperation, you will have done nothing more than waste time, money, and energy.

One of the largest issues with ERP selection and ERP implementation is lack of education. ERP is not something we shop for often, on average a company will replace their system every 7-1o years, so it is hard to become an expert at ERP selection and implementation with such limited opportunities for practice. We have been in the ERP software industry for over 20 years and have heard numerous stories of failed ERP implementations. The funny thing is they tend to be different versions of the same story- many of them beginning with poor ERP selection and implementation that could have been much better had there been more planning and education involved from the beginning.

In order to have a solid ERP implementation, you need to be sure to be ready to invest a large amount of time and effort into planning and research. This will help you make sure you do not choose to implement a system that you will have to ditch after only a short period of time. We have put together a white paper outlining some of the biggest problems we see in ERP selection and implementation and provide advice and steps to be taken so you do not make the same mistakes. The white paper covers topics such as:

  • Time and resource allocation
  •  Project budgets
  • Selecting a technology partner
  • Selecting a team for the project
  • Maintenance strategies
  • And more

We urge you to take advantage of the lessons we have learned over the last 20 years when it comes to ERP selection, who should be involved in the process, how much time you need to allocate, resources required for implementation, how to select a technology partner, how to budget your project, deciding on a maintenance strategy, and much more.You can download the whitepaper here at no cost.

ERP selection

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