Evaluating Your Options: Epicor Document Management Software

Epicor Document Management What is the best Epicor document management solution for your business? In some cases the basic document management features that come out-of-the box with your ERP system will be enough, but for many companies an integrated docuement management solution provides far greater value. In this article we discuss a few Epicor document management software options and tools to help you reduce paper, simplify compliance processes, cut costs, and increase efficiency across your organization.

Epicor Document Management Software Options

Epicor ERP provides advanced integration with Microsoft productivity solutions through the Information Worker module. Epicor Information Worker (IW) is a truly innovative productivity tool that works seamlessly within a familiar Microsoft Office environment to enable business users to get all the information they need, in context, in real time when they need it and where they want it. It does this by blurring the lines between enterprise software and desktop productivity software to create a single immersive solution. With Epicor IW, you no longer have to leave what you are currently doing to get the data you need. Epicor Information Worker combines with Microsoft Outlook, Word, and Excel to allow qualified users to retrieve, view, and modify Epicor data.

Epicor Advanced Print Management

Epicor Advanced Print Management (APM) is sold through Epicor as the preferred ECM document management software for Epicor ERP (formerly Epicor 10, Epicor 9, and Epicor Vantage). The product is developed by Laguna Hills, CA-based Altec, Inc. and is practically identical to Sage Document Management application by Altec. Epicor APM is a long-time, proven Epicor document management solution with thousands of successful installations worldwide. The software is the only endorsed ECM document management software available for Epicor ERP and is the recommended solution for most businesses.

There are of course many other Epicor document management products available for your ERP business systems – some that are already integrated and others that are relatively generic and can be integrated (with some work) to your Epicor ERP system. To learn more about the Epicor ERP document management software options available on the market, how to evaluate them, and how to select the best system for your organization, download our comprehensive Buyer’s Guide and RFP template below.

The  Buyer’s Guide and Request for Proposal template will help you identify and measure potential vendors and business applications comparing a broad range of criteria including vendor strength and market viability and product technology and functional capabilities. The RFP template provides hundreds of common features available in today’s cutting edge ECM business software. Click below to get your copy.

Epicor Document Management


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