Finding & Selecting Certified Consultants for Sage 500 ERP

At its prime in the early to mid 2000s, there were hundreds of certified Consultants for Sage 500 ERP available to provide training. However, many of these companies no longer resell Sage 500 ERP and others have moved their consulting resources on to other products such as Sage ERP X3. Selecting the right consultant depends greatly on your specific needs and the consultant’s strengths. For example, do not choose a consultant with general industry knowledge if you have complex manufacturing requirements and do not select a consultant that has minimal experience working with Sage 500 customizations if you need to modify the system.

Other things to consider when searching for Sage 500 ERP consulting services :

  • personalities and resource availability. It’s best to select a company that has several Sage 500 consultants available and even better if those people have many years of experience working with companies like yours.
  • Close geographic proximity may be a concern for you but consider that there are so few consulting firms remaining that focus on Sage 500 and consider utilizing a remote consulting firm if they have experience supporting customers in other states.
  • Sage registers their customers to reseller companies so you are likely aligned to a Sage 500 ERP Reseller. However, it is your choice, not Sage’s, nor the reseller’s choice, on who you work with in respect to consulting, training, custom development, and support. You can work with your aligned partner or any person or firm that you select. Some partners may try to get you to process a Reseller of Record (ROR) change to formally switch you from your existing partner to their firm. This is not necessary but may be the right direction if you find a partner that you trust and intend to use for an extended period of time. It allows the partner to place orders for new modules and users with Sage on your behalf but it does not preclude them from providing services to your company.
  • Do you want to focus on your business or do you want to be a software developer? Consider this carefully before you embark on any customization projects internally. While many Sage 500 ERP customers make small modifications to their software, few companies have the infrastructure required to document modifications, test modifications, or to support modifications to their critical ERP systems.

e2b teknologies provides consulting, development, and support services to Sage 500 ERP customers throughout North America. We work directly with some companies and provide subcontracted services to other companies through their preferred Sage 500 ERP partner. Our staff includes implementation, training, and consulting resources;  full time and dedicated support analysts; and Sage 500 developers. We welcome any and all inquiries from Sage 500 ERP customers and partners who require general or specialized services. Contact us for more information or learn more about our company in our e2b teknologies Corporate Brochure.

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Certified Consultants for Sage 500 ERP

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