Vapor Recovery Equipment Manufacturer Automates A/R Management in Epicor ERP and Reduces DSO by 51%

Chardon, Ohio, May 08, 2014-  e2b teknologies, publishers of Epicor Cash Collect, accounts receivable management automation for Epicor ERP, announced today the success of a new customer in the Environmental Services Industry.  With the help of Epicor Cash Collect, the customer has replaced manual accounts receivable activities and significantly reduced Days Sales Outstanding.

Trusted by some of the largest gas companies in the world, including Chevron Texaco, ExxonMobil, Shell Oil, and others, the company specializes in the design and fabrication of equipment for the identification, capture, and redirection of gas vapors escaping from an operation to optimize customer profits and reduce environmental, health, safety, and compliance concerns. Prior to implementing Epicor Cash Collect, the company relied heavily on manual processes and spreadsheets, resulting in frustrating inefficiencies and a lack of the real-time data needed for optimized credit collections and decision making. The company realized the undesirable influence their manual processes were having on their cash flow and overall operations, so they set out to find a better, faster, and more effective way to manage accounts receivable.

“We relied heavily on spreadsheets and aging reports, which had to be updated manually, so the data was never real-time, and it was prone to human errors,” said the IT director of the company. “It took a lot of time to prepare for each customer call; we simply weren’t efficient.”

Epicor Cash Collect extended the company’s Epicor ERP accounts receivable module with automation and workflow to pull their customer account, contact, financial, and communication history together into one place, so that their collectors know who to call, when to call, and why they’re calling. The system has significantly sped up the company’s accounts receivable process and made the collectors more effective in their daily activities through the automation of their most time-consuming manual tasks, including communications, prioritizing activities, creation and assignment of actions to collectors, closure of issues upon payment from the customer, escalation of credit issues to managers, broken promise tracking, and more.

“No more manually tracking accounts and aging on spreadsheets, or bouncing from one system to the next,” said the company’s IT Director. “Epicor Cash Collect has given us the ability to focus on our collection process, quickly manage past due issues and disputes, and allow us to always see the current status of customer invoices with all of the details we need in one place.”

Since implementing Epicor Cash Collect, the companyhas developed automated processes to help them save time, increase customer touches, and significantly speed up the collection of the money owed to them, all of which is evident by a 51% reduction in Days Sales Outstanding.

About Epicor Cash Collect
Developed by e2b teknologies, Epicor Cash Collect is accounts receivable collections management software with seamless integration to Epicor ERP. Epicor Cash Collect puts accounts receivable credit collections on auto-pilot with built-in workflow to identify who to call, when, and why, so accounts receivable professionals can quickly resolve invoice disputes and flat-out get paid faster.

This press release was also published by e2b teknologies here.

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