How is SugarCRM Different from 3 Key Distinctions

SugarCRMFor a long time, Salesforce has been a leader in the CRM industry, but since coming onto the scene about 10 years ago, SugarCRM has been taking the industry by storm and chipping away at the’s market share. So how are these two CRM systems different and why is Sugar the fastest growing CRM system on the market? Among other small differences, there are three key differences between Sugar and Salesforce:

Larry Augustin, CEO of SugarCRM, recently answered this question in an interview. He noted that there are 3 key differences that set Sugar apart from other solutions like Salesforce:

1. SugarCRM focuses on more than just management tracking and reporting, Sugar focuses on the needs of the individual user and how salespeople, not managers, want to work. The system combines simplicity, mobility, social media with conventional CRM functionality to optimize sales and create strong relationships. This individualized CRM experience was brought to the center of the system with the most recent release of Sugar and the Sugar UX, a significantly enhanced user interface featuring “contextual intelligence about every individual contact, company, lead, case, and opportunity, from internal data and external sources via an advanced Intelligence Panel; as well as enhanced collaboration features, including context-sensitive activity streams all on a single page.”

2. Sugar offers users a choice in how they want to deploy the system. Customer can choose one of three options:

  1. a multi-tenant cloud service
  2. a private instance in the cloud
  3. deploy on their own internal clouds.

This allows customers data control and freedom not found in SaaS only models. Additionally, the choice allows Sugar users “to more easily comply with international data security and privacy laws, lowers the costs of integration and makes it easier for customers to create a unified view of their customer data across systems.”

3. Sugar is Open Source and has an active community which allows customers to go beyond the out of the box features of the system and customize it to work across their organization. As an Open Source system, sugar allows users to configure the software however they want, even if they do not have much coding knowledge. There are a huge number of Sugar developers that use the Sugar open-forms to post any answer to questions, discuss interesting developments made to the product, and so forth. Sugar has a community that is dedicated and devoted to the software and they are constantly figuring out things that Sugar can do that no other CRM software is able to do.

So to answer the question, what makes SugarCRM different than In one word: Innovation. Sugar brings together user experience, value, and affordability where other CRM systems do not; a mixture that is continually proving itself to help companies create extraordinary customer relationships that maximize sales and profitability.

Read the full interview here.


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