How to Create a Sales Contract & Delivery Schedule in Sage ERP X3

Sage ERP X3Contract sales orders in Sage ERP X3 provide a method for entering a long term sales contract with a total contract quantity that can be shipped against over a period of time. In this article we walk you through an example of how to enter a sales contract and delivery schedule within Sage ERP X3.

The entry of a Sales Contract is done in a number of steps:

      1. Create the Sales Contract
      2. Create the Delivery Schedule
      3. Ship material against the Delivery Schedule

The Sales Contract is found at menu: Sales / Orders / Contracts.

The Validity Date is the date through which the contract is valid. Beyond this date, no further deliveries may be made.

To define the product(s) for the Sales Contract, the Product button is used on the Sales Contract screen. This will open a window as seen below.

The Exp Quantity is the total contract quantity. It is important to note that X3 will warn you when you surpass this quantity, but will not stop the user from continuing to ship in excess of the Exp Quantity value.

The data grid lists the pricing information related to the product on the contract order.

More than one product can be attached to the contract order and each can have its own Validity Date. As products are added to the contract, the numeric value to the right of the contract number in the header will increment. In the example above, we see “1”, so the next product entered will be assigned “2” and so on.

For each Sales Contract and Product, a Delivery Schedule is defined. The Delivery Schedule will define the dates and quantities for the Sales Contract.

With the Delivery Schedule defined, shipments may be entered and processed according to the normal process, calling the Sales Contract upon entry.

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