How to Select the Right Manufacturing ERP Software

Choosing the right manufacturing ERP software is not easy and can be extremely frustrating when you pour all of your energy and time into finding the perfect system, only to fall short in terms of ROI and other expected benefits and it happens to more manufacturers than you might think. Let’s illustrate a common scenario and discuss a few tools to help make your ERP system selection more successful.

You’re looking for a system designed for your business and your industry on a modern platform to support your needs today and your planned growth in the future. You’ve spent weeks developing a request for proposal template with input from finance, customer service, manufacturing, material planning, and information technology. You’ve evaluated thousands of features in multiple ERP systems that you’re considering to replace your existing business system. After all of your research you’ve selected the system you feel is the best fit, but for many reasons you fail to enjoy the success you envisioned for the project.

Why? Because somewhere along the way your ERP implementation failed. There are many reasons this happens, and software selection is usually the culprit. Luckily there are simple steps you can take to ensure that your ERP implementation will succeed with plans for future expansion of the ERP system capabilities as you grow.

One of the most important things to remember us that not all ERP systems are created equal. In fact, most are different by design which is why defining system size and capabilities are the critical first steps in a successful manufacturing ERP software selection.

First, you need to identify an ERP system that is the right size for your business and your budget. Can you get by with an entry-level accounting system like QuickBooks or do you need a midmarket ERP system from Epicor, Sage, or Microsoft or do you really need to evaluate a tier one system like SAP or Oracle? We’ve put together a guide to help you pick the right sized solution for your needs, click here to get your copy.

Also consider ERP systems designed for your particular industry. Many ERP systems like Epicor ERP support several industries from a single code-base. For example, Epicor ERP, with its deep discrete manufacturing features and new industry packs is a strong solution for capital equipment, electronics and high technology, plastics and rubber, industrial metal fabrication and job shops, aerospace and defense, and automotive supply chains. However, there are stronger products on the market for project-driven companies such as professional services or construction.

Take a look at this ERP product comparison chart to see the strengths and weaknesses of some of the leading solutions available on the market today.

There is much more to consider when it comes to selecting the ERP system that will help you take your manufacturing operation to the next level, pick up a few more helpful tips in the white paper below.

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