HRMS Software Vendor Selection

HRMS softwareAs with any software project, selecting the right HRMS software vendor is just as important as selecting the right solution; and there are many to choose from. The relationship between a software vendor and an organization like yours must be a harmonious one, where both parties are contributing value to one another in order to reach a common goal- a successful implementation and ongoing software use.

While you may not be software experts, you are experts on your business, so it’s important that a business clearly explains their current situation and how they would like this to change to the vendor. You must also be ready and willing to provide resources from your team throughout the project as well as for training, testing, and launch to help the vendor with any questions or problems as they relate to your specific business. It is also in your best interest as a company to know your data well, clean it up, and provide clear descriptions to the vendor and implementation team.  If you are able to do all of this, you will have contributed great value to the vendor, to your project, and to your business as a whole. If you have done all of the above, your vendor will be able to more successful carry out their responsibilities.

The vendor’s expertise is the software and technology and in the most basic terms, it is their job to help you focus on what you need to have in a system vs. what you would like to have in order to help you get the results you desire from a technical perspective. They will also provide you with a detailed project plan, work with your team to best understand your set-up requirements, and convert existing data into the new solution. You may also choose to use your vendor for training and any necessary software integration or other services.

If you and your vendor are both well aware of how you can add value to the project together, you’ll be amazed at how quickly, easily, and successfully your HR software implementation can be. Learn more about the steps involved in a typical HRMS software project and best practices for a successful evaluation, selection, and implementation process in the guide below.

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