Import Management with Sage ERP X3

If your supply chain involved the importing of foreign sources good or materials, than you are well aware that there are significant challenges and expenses involved in this complex process.

Unpredictable things happen all the time, for example, a storm at sea or a work stoppage at your port could quickly delay the arrival of your shipment by a week or more and the purchasing department is not the only area of your company that access and insight into your shipments, customer facing employees will also need to stay in the loop on such matters.

Sage ERP X3 Import Management for Distribuotrs

In the distribution industry, being able to deliver the correct amount of the right products, at the right price,  and at the right time is crucial to business success-and to do that you need control over and insight into your imports. A Distribution ERP system like Sage ERP X3 can provide that for you, just be sure to look for one with the following capabilities:

Shipment management

  • Vessels and containers
  • Multiple statuses & dates
  • Content management
  • Receipt by container

Material Visibility

  • Lead-time management
  • Mass update of receipt dates
  • Import inquiry by sites
  • Available to promise

Cost Management Levels

  • Material/supplier
  • Shipment
  • Product-specific

Cost Reconciliation

  • “Point in time” in-transit visibility
  • Transaction history of landed costs

These are just a few of the most important features to look for in distribution ERP to help you manage and track imports on land, in the air, or at sea. With full visibility into your imports you can consolidate, track, and manage multiple purchase orders and shipments to reduce container loads and vessels to reduce costs, save time, and provide oustanding customer service.

Learn the features and functions in Sage ERP X3 designed to help you do all of the above and more in the demo below and then contact one of our Sage ERP X3 consulting experts if you have additional questions.

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