Increase Sales in Wholesale Distribution with Sage 100 ERP & Sage Mobile Sales

Sage 100 ERP For over 25 years, St. Joseph Paper and Packaging has been a distributor of paper products, bubble wrap, and pallet strapping supplies to companies in and around South Bend, Indiana.  The company purchased Sage 100 ERP back when it was known as Sage MAS 100 for its strong inventory management and warehouse functionalit; but upgrades to the software, cloud computing, and modern sales tools allowed St. Joseph Paper and Packaging to take their ERP system and their business to the next level. Learn how Sage 100 ERP Mobile Sales helped this company increase sales by 16% while continuing their legacy of quality products, exemplary service, and dependability in an industry where timing and accuracy is everything.

While the company had been using Sage 100 ERP successfully for several years, continual improvement in their ability to effectively and efficiently manage inventory and increase sales was an ongoing goal for the company. “We are always looking to move forward and gain efficiencies,” explains Giczewski, purchasing manager for St. Joseph Paper and Packaging. “We were reviewing our sales processes, and our business partners suggested Sage Mobile Sales as a way to streamline the processes and empower our sales reps with better access to customer and product information.”

What is Sage Mobile Sales?

Sage Mobile Sales is an intuitive, cloud-based app for touchscreen tablets and laptops that delivers customer, inventory, and order related data to sales representatives wherever they are working, helping companies improve efficiency, lower costs, and close more sales.

The distributor recognized significant advantages and benefits of using the Mobile Sales tools with Sage 100 ERP, such as:

  •  Less paper involved in the sales process. Now reps do not need to take notes and write down orders and then bring them to the office or call them in from a customer site. This not only helps speed up the order processing, it eliminates paper and increases order accuracy since data re-entry is also eliminated leaving less room for human error.
  • The entire catalog is easily accessible and searchable. The Mobile Sales App allows reps and customers to view one item and also see related items or companion items at the same time.
  • Available quantities, special pricing, and purchase history is also readily available to smooth the entire process.
  • Sage Mobile sales is boosting their overall sales volume because, “It makes it easier for our reps to sell more to existing customers and have more time to win new customers,” says Giczewski. “In the year since we implemented Sage Mobile Sales, our sales are up by 16 percent.

In addition to the success the company saw with Mobile Sales for Sage 100 ERP, they were also able to further reduce paper and increase process efficiencies in their payment processing. Sage 100 ERP has a built in tool to allow for electronic payment processing, a feature the company uses to pay 95% of their vendors to virtually eliminate the cost and time associates with printing and mailing paper checks.

In short, this company is doing exactly what ERP technology was made for- to make life easier and to help people (and companies) become more successful. “We are utilizing technology in ways that reduce the labor required to complete routine yet vital tasks,” says Giczewski. “Our staff can now spend more time on value-adding activities, and we are able to grow the business without adding additional staff.”

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Did you know that 45% of distributors have implemented mobile tools, and that an additional 29% plan to do so? The distribution industry is changing rapidly, and you have to stay ahead of competition. Click below to learn about the  latest trends in ERP and how they will play a key role in helping distributors make better decisions, improve customer service, and reduce costs.

Sage 100 ERP


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