Integrating SharePoint & Enterprise Content Management Software

Microsoft SharePoint is one of the most popular document storage platforms available for businesses but it is important to remember that unlike true enterprise content management software products (ECM), SharePoint does not capture or create documents. Rather, Microsoft SharePoint is a document repository which is very flexible for storing documents and files that need to be shared or accessed by internal or external users. In this article we will touch on how SharePoint and ECM can work together for more effective collaboration inside and outside of your company walls.

Microsoft SharePoint is typically used alongside an enterprise content management system and can be used as a platform for managing documents that need to be shared externally or where more formal collaboration on document creation and revision is required such as product development or project management where multiple users participate in the creation of documents in a secured online portal.

Are you currently using your SharePoint and ECM solution together? According to a recent AIIM research study, only 14% of companies have SharePoint connected to other document management systems; 3% have connections to their CRM/Service Desk, 12% integrated to project management systems; and less than 10% have connections to their ERP or accounting systems.

The same study mentioned above shows that very few companies successfully implement SharePoint with only 11% claiming success and 26% stating that they are close to success. About one quarter of implementations are “doing the job” but have stalled while 37% were not successful or failed to meet original expectations.

While the above statistics may shed some negative light on SharePoint, we know that it can be can extremely valuable tool; we know because we use it internally and provide custom Microsoft SharePoint development and ERP integration services. So if you’re having trouble with your SharePoint system, want to integrate it with your other systems, or are thinking about using SharePoint in your business, we can help you make sure you dont end up like the companies in the study. Learn more here.

If you’re all set with your SharePoint system and would like to enhance it with enterprise content management software, there is a lot to think about before making a purchase.The Buyer’s Guide below is designed to provide an overview of enterprise content management software options available on the market today with a feature overview, profiles for key vendors and products, and other information to help businesses to evaluate, implement, and use enterprise content management effectively.

You will also receive a sample request for proposal (RFP) template with a list of more than 300 features available in some of the more popular ECM business applications available today; a great resource for anyone considering such software for their organization. Click below to get your copy of the Buyer’s Guide and RFP template today.

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