Is Now The Right Time to Move to Epicor ERP 10?

Epicor ERP 10

With the end of the year quickly approaching and plans for the New Year beginning to form, many companies are wondering if now is the time to start planning an ERP project. You’ve seen the product information, watched the customer testimonials, reviewed the technical requirements, and have decided that Epicor is a viable ERP system for your organization (here is access to all of that information if you’re still researching). But when is the right time to begin your move to Epicor ERP 10? Timing is everything when it comes to an ERP project and the answer is not always obvious. Before you make your decision, here are the most important internal and external factors to consider.

External considerations

The Economy: A handful of years ago when the economy was really rough, businesses focused on their core competencies and maintaining status quo; software projects and any potentially risky changes were put on the backburner. Now that the economy is showing signs of improvement, many businesses are shifting their focus back to making investments and plans for future growth. If you’re business is ready it may be time to evaluate the new features and functionality in Epicor ERP 10 and how they can help you drive future growth and profits.

Your Competition: Competition is increasing across industries and as that continues, it’s time to think about how you measure up to your competitors. They may be investing in software to help them become more efficient and improve customer satisfaction and if that’s the case, you’re customers may soon become theirs unless you follow suit.

Customer Requirements: What matters to your customers and are you able to deliver it? With a growing number of industry-specific certifications and regulations, serving customers in a very specific manner is becoming more important. Some of your current customers may not even be able to work with you anymore if you’re unable to help them comply with regulations. Many companies have found that they need to change the way they do business, or at least change the technology they rely on, in order to assist their customers and keep up with standards.

Internal considerations

Internal factors also come into play in determining when to move to the latest version of Epicor ERP. To successfully take on a new ERP system, an organization needs to first consider if their current culture can manage the change. Here are just some of the signs that your team is change-ready:

  • Every business will have a few people who are against shaking things up, but if a large majority of your team understands why the change needs to happen and how it will not only benefit the company as a whole but them as an individual, you’ll be just fine.
  • There is a full understanding of and appreciation for proper ERP training. One of the biggest reasons ERP projects fail is due to a lack of end-user training. If you’re team knows that this cannot be glanced over, has a willingness to learn, and a plan for training, you’re on the right track.
  • You have well-documented business practices that are actually followed. Many businesses will write them down and publish them somewhere, but nobody actually follows them. A company culture with a focus on details and processes will be in great shape before, during, and after an ERP project.
  • ERP is a shared environment, so it’s important that employees think “big picture” and work as a team. When employees understand how their individual areas of expertise impact the business as a whole, and stop leaving problems for the next person in the process to take care of, the shared environment is one of great value.

If you’re company culture is not yet to this point, put the focus there before you jump into your project. After all, it’s your team and the people in it that will make or break the project.

Taking the next step

Once you’ve decided that you’re ready to make the change, contact an Epicor ERP consultant who can answer your questions, demo the software and help you map out your move to Epicor 10 ERP.  If you’re not quite ready to pick up the phone keep researching; the more you know, the more confident you’ll be in your decision later on. For additional information about Epicor 10 ERP, feature overviews, technical documents, videos, white papers, and more, visit our Epicor Resource Library. Click below to enter.

Epicor ERP 10

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