Is There a Role for Gamification in ERP Software? This week’s #ERPchat recap

by: Jeanne Lee 
gamification in erp

Another week and another interesting #ERPCHAT! Each week @ERPfocus hosts a twitter conversation called #ERPchat; every week there is a new topic on which anyone is welcome to chime in. If you missed last week’s #ERPchat, “where will ERP be in 10 years?” you can read our highlights here. This week #ERPchat asked the question, “Is there a role for gamification in ERP software?”

This has been a hot topic in the ERP world for a while, but some of you may not know what exactly this means. Gamification can be described as the use of game elements in non-game applications to drive engagement.

Everyone has their own opinion of weather of not gamification has a place in ERP systems but the general consensus on #ERPchat this week seemed to be, that as long as it spurs healthy competition and the entire organization is on board, it is not necessarily a bad thing if it is helping with engagement. Here are a few of the responses to “does gamification have a place in ERP software?”

  • “I think it depends on the user – tech savvy employees vs. non – what role they have & the info they need #ERPchat
  • “Should consider whether or not “gamification” #ERP is enticing to all employees or not #ERPchat
  • ““it’s always a cultural thing. Just another way to improve efforts & results #erpchat
  • “User buy-in really is key to the success of any gamification program – private gamification on user level may be best “
  • “Without gamification there is still competition. It’s not about competition, it’s about pushing to better results.”
  • “It depends on the roles and how they’re defined. Would lean towards “healthy competition,” but only if everyone on board.”
  • “gamification in ERP could help to meet business objectives around resource planning and management.”
  • “ Do you think there can be a danger of elitism in ERP gamification or is it just healthy competition?”
  • “It all depends. It’s good to provide benchmarks for progress, make business processes more engaging”

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