It’s All Sunny Skies with Epicor’s Cloud ERP Strategy

Epicor Insights, the annual Epicor customer conference, was recently held in Nashville, TN and we’re still excited about all of the information we picked up while we were there. For example, as an Epicor ERP resller, we knew Epicor has recently put more focus on SaaS ERP, but at Epicor Insights we discovered that Epicor’s very, very serious about the cloud and they’re doing it a little differently than other ERP publishers. Here’s what we learned:

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Unlike other ERP vendors, Epicor is not abandoning traditional, premise-based ERP deployments on a company’s servers and desktops. Rather, Epicor is offering companies a choice of deployment.

But things have changed. It used to be that premise ERP was the default deployment option quoted and sold by Epicor with cloud deployment simply as an option. Going forward, you’re going to see that Epicor will position cloud as the default and premise as the option instead.

Epicor is not a new player in the cloud ERP space as they’ve offered hosted ERP products for many years including Epicor Express which is a 100% SaaS cloud-hosted ERP offering designed for smaller manufactuers. Epicor Cloud-Enabled ERP is another option for companies who want to host the full version of Epicor ERP on the cloud.

Epicor shared that quotes for cloud-deployed ERP now accounts for over 40% of ERP product quotes. This is up nearly 200% from the previous year. They also shared that much of this change is directly correlated to their multitenant strategy which is up nearly 50% over last year.

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There are a lot of new resource available from Epicor to help manufacturers understand the potential benefits of moving from a premise to cloud deployment. Some of these new resources include:

Other new resources are available but must be requested from e2b enterprise due to copyright and distribution laws. Please visit the Epicor Cloud website to download the full Resource Guide.

Epicor Cloud ERP

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