Making Your Final ERP Vendor Selection

Our last blog talked about how to prepare for an ERP vendor demonstration to make sure you got all of the important information you needed out of the meeting. After the demo you would have weeded out the options that were not a good fit for you, but you still need to whittle that down to your final decision- how do you make your final ERP vendor selection?

ERP vendor selection

Assuming you have whittled it down to 2-3 finalists, here are a couple of things that will help you make your choice with confidence

1. Proof of concept pilot. Give the vendors a “day in the life” of your company and the company processes as well as any documents or reports that will help explain exactly what it is your company does and exactly how you want their ERP system to fit into that. You do not need to give them every tiny process, just pick your most significant processes as this may have a small fee associated with the setup of the pilot demo (a fee much smaller than the cost associated with choosing the wrong system). this demonstration will give you an idea of what your company would look like if it ran on the system being piloted, benefits, down-falls, and ROI- all of this will be information to help you make your final decision and feel confident that you made the right one.

2. Reference checks. Do not waste your time asking for these in the beginning stages of your process, only now that you are down to the finalists should you start asking for references and calling around. (Many will not give you references until this stage anyways because they do not want you bothering their current customers unless they think it will be worth it.)

This is in no way a comprehensive list of things to do while trying to make that final decision, there are many more things to consider and other steps to take, these are just some big ones to consider.

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