4 Must-have Management Participants in Manufacturing ERP Selection

manufacturing ERPWhether you’re searching for a process manufacturing ERP system or a discrete manufacturing ERP system, selecting a manufacturing ERP system is a long and complex task with many areas to slip up and create problems such as scope creep, low user adoption, and a poorly selected system. To avoid these and other problems, make sure you have these four members of your management team on the selection committee.

 CEO/Owner: This is an important player to have on your side not only due to the fact that they will be the one approving and paying for the project, but they need to have faith in the selected system and be a cheerleader of the project. If Senior Management is behind the project and openly a fan of it, others in the company will follow in his/her footsteps, thereby improving end-user adoption and proper use of the system across the organization.

Project Manager: While there are many people who should be involved in the selection and implementation of your system, the person you choose as the project manager is an important piece of the puzzle. In their role, this person will basically ensure that the game of telephone going on between departments, ERP consultants, management, and users does not get out of control; they will be the one to translate the needs of each department to the selection committee and vice versa. Choosing the right person for this job is important, so look for someone who knows your manufacturing process inside and out, is a problem-solver, is highly communicative and patient, organized, deadline driven, and pays close attention to details.

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Remote Employees: If you have sales people on the road, field agents, work from home employees, or other parties outside of the office, it is important to get them involved in the selection and evaluation process. They will be able to help decide which systems can help them do their job better no matter where they are in order to maintain efficiency inside or outside of the office.

Manufacturing Engineers: This is a group of people who absolutely need input into the final manufacturing ERP selection to ensure the system can help them in important areas such as production efficiency, document management, design, and much more.

These are not the only people you should involve in the process, other end-users like HR managers, customer service, marketing, etc. should all be involved in the discussion. Be sure to document their wants/needs/concerns, and include them in the selection process. Learn more about proper manufacturing ERP selection and implementation in the white paper below.

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