The Benefits of Integrating Manufacturing Execution System with ERP

What is a Manufacturing Execution System?
A manufacturing execution system, or MES, controls everything on the shop floor. From real-time data to automation of machines and workflows, the entire manufacturing process can be automated using a manufacturing execution system. A report by Industry Directions actually shows that manufacturers who utilize a manufacturing execution system actually saw a 400 percent increase in profitability over a three year period of time. To get even more benefit from using a manufacturing execution system, many companies are integrating it with their ERP to gain even more data, but those are not the only benefits.

Benefits of Integrating Manufacturing Execution System with ERP

  1. Real-Time Planning
    Since we do not live in a perfect world and manufacturing does not always go as planned, sometimes it is crucial to be able to make changes to the planning and scheduling on the fly. When trying to do that manually, it can be frustrating, confusing and may cause more problems. A manufacturing execution system allows you to instantly change planning based on any new requirements with drag and drop options.
  2. Production Optimization
    The more you can get down in a short amount of time is the best way to keep customers happy and grow your business. A manufacturing execution system pulls data to help understand how you can minimize downtime, optimize assets and manage production all around in the most efficient way possible.
  3. Visibility
    One of the most beneficial aspects of integrating a manufacturing execution system with ERP is the amount of data and visibility you can gain into your company and the manufacturing process. Not only do you gain data, but it is actually useful and easy to understand in graphs and charts.
  4. Energy Management
    Quick and easy way towards savings? Decreases the total amount of power a manufacturing plant produces. A manufacturing execution system integrated with ERP can actually reduce the amount of power used by evaluating idle vs. shutdown/restart, price accuracy and monitoring the energy produced by job and asset

A manufacturing execution system makes the entire process more efficient and automated. This results in a huge increase in profitability and decreases your total spend. Overall, you can become more lean while also gaining more control and growing your company. Check out our Manufacturing Execution System Resource Center here!

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