Maximize Distribution ERP Performance

How To Maximize Distribution ERP Performance: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software can produce exceptional results for  Distribution ERPdistributors. Watch this Webast to learn why top performers report seeing benefits such as the following by using Distribution ERP:
  • Double digit cost savings
  • Significant reduction in cycle times
  • Improvements in customer retention and percentage of complete and on-time deliveries
Yet the average ERP implementation in wholesale distribution fails to produce anywhere near these results. Why?

If your ERP is not producing at the top end of the scale, is it you or your software? Have you made the right selection? Are you truly making use of what you have? Can your current Distribution ERP solution get you where you want to go, or do you need a new one?

View this webcast now for an in-depth look at how to determine the answers to these critical questions. Find out how to get more benefits from ERP and improve your distribution business today.


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