Maximizing ROI with Epicor ERP Education: Epicor University

Epicor UniversityYou invest weeks, maybe months of your time evaluating ERP software in the hopes of finding the right product. And maybe you do find the right solution but what’s often more important is the knowledge you need to implement and to use it effectively today and for many years to come as your business evolves and you grow into more advanced features.

We just returned from Epicor Insights customer conference and couldn’t be more excited about the changes Epicor’s making in respect to Epicor University, Knowledge Mentor, and Business Process Review application (developed by partner XSOL). In this and future blogs we will highlight each of these and how they can help you get the most out of your ERP investment.

Epicor University

Epicor University delivers self-paced, classroom, and virtual education worldwide for Epicor ERP. Whether you learn best with an instructor or on your own, Epicor University has an extensive portfolio of self-paced education courses, live training, and user resources for all experience levels and job roles.

Epicor University helps ensure your project team and users are prepared for your Epicor ERP prior to system go-live. Being prepared gives users the confidence and knowledge they need in order to use the system to its fullest while you reap the benefits of a sound return on your investment.

Epicor University doesn’t stop after the go-live. The full suite of learning opportunities are designed for the life of your system to address new features and functionality as well as training new users as your business changes and grows. Learn more about Epicor University here.
Epicor University







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Epicor ERP

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