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Nonprofit (NFP) organizations are unique, and they need a unique solution for their accounting problems.  Intacct nonprofit accounting software understands the unique requirements of a nonprofit organization & specializes in helping nonprofit organizations manage their finances.

No matter what kind of Nonprofit you are, you have a different set of challenges than typical businesses. That’s where Intacct nonprofit accounting software comes in. One of the biggest benefits of using Intacct for nonprofit financial management is its ability to automate fund, grant, member, and project accounting needs, which on average reduces the time required to manage fund accounting by more than 90% – increasing finance department productivity by 25% or more.

Intacct nonprofit accounting software is a web-based cloud solution, but that doesn’t mean that it’s light-weight.

Some of Intacct’s features include:

  1.  Intacct’s flexible workflow and approval processes. You simply define levels of approvers for various sized transactions, and the system will automatically route any associated documents to the correct individuals for their approval, notifying them by email they need to log in to the system to take action. This is an enormous time saver for organizations that need to have outside directors approve payments — no more delivering paper checks for signature.
  2.  Intacct includes a large library of built-in financial reports and it supports key regulatory reporting requirements, such as FASB 117. Intacct’s flexible financial reporting tools make it easy to comply with very specific state and local reporting needs – such as the financial reporting challenges imposed upon charter schools by local municipalities. This deep visibility into your organization’s financial information will help you improve your cash flow management and expense forecasting by providing visibility into current and projected inflows, outflows and funding streams.
  3.  Intacct nonprofit accounting software is available on the cloud, the anywhere, anytime access to the system means that any of your stakeholders can securely view real-time reports and dashboards at the time and location of their choosing.
  4. Multi-entity and financial consolidation capabilities. For nonprofits with multiple locations or multiple operating entities,
  5. Automated and accelerated billing and collections capabilities and strong revenue management and revenue recognition. For nonprofits that rely on sales, events or dues to generate revenue,
  6. Built in expense management, time, billing and purchasing applications to engage both employees and volunteers in their financial processes.

Intacct nonprofit accounting software provides real results

“We wanted a financial management solution that would give us better reporting so we could more easily evaluate and manage our fiscal processes, and have better insight into our business. It was also important for us to be able to share information with remote staff without having to export data to Excel. We chose Intacct because it offered tremendous capabilities from the start, as well as the ability to customize the solution for our particular needs.”- Ivette Ruiz Babylon, Controller, Acceller


“Intacct is already proving to be a tremendous asset — we’re saving a great deal of time on employee expenses and seeing overall process improvements in many other areas. It’s clear Intacct will help us continue to support our growing business in an efficient manner, without needing to constantly add new headcount to the finance department.”- Mike Catanzarita, CFO, EZShield


“Intacct has dramatically reduced the time we spend on our financial processes across the board, including consolidations and revenue recognition, just to name a few. Our finance team now has increased efficiency and greater confidence in the accuracy of our data. We would recommend Intacct to any company looking for a cost-effective way to improve financial operations.”- Tuan Tran, Corporate Controller, nCircle


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