One Customer Shares The Real Benefits Epicor Express Cloud ERP

In a recent article we introduced you to the story of a large commercial bakery who decided to make the move from their legacy system to Epicor Express ERP cloud ERP, why they chose Epicor Express, and how impressed they were with the rapid implementation of the system. But what came next? Below we’ll share two of the biggest benefits the company saw after beginning to work with Epicor Express ERP.

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The Benefits of Epicor Express Cloud ERP

#1 Beating Inefficiencies across the OrganizationEpicor Express ERP has allowed the bakery to pull all of their critical information and processes into one place, eliminating the need for multiple applications and spreadsheets and vastly improving key success factors across the organization, such as process efficiencies, data accuracy and accessibility, communication, and visibility.

“Epicor’s system is very intuitive. Our people could get access to the information they needed to do their job quickly and process transactions much easier, including all the exceptions that come with running a business.  Since everything is integrated, our information is accurate and up to date for everyone to work more effectively together. Our team now speaks a common language and communicates more effectively which, in turn, allows us to compete and serve our clients better.”

#2 Cutting Costs with Cloud ERP: With lower upfront costs, shorter implementation times, faster time to value, reduced IT complexity, few system requirements, and virtually no hardware to purchase and maintain, cloud ERP systems like Epicor Express cut the total cost of ownership from the very beginning when compared to traditional systems. Every business wants to cut costs across their organization, but for the bakery support of their legacy systems becoming increasingly expensive and arduous which put cutting the cost and complexity of support on the very top of their priority list.

With Epicor Express, the bakery is no longer struggling to find help and paying premium prices for that help. Today, all they need to do is pick up the phone.

Epicor Express is hosted and available online, so businesses like this one don’t need to worry about buying or upgrading hardware, installing the software, backing up the database, or applying updates – it’s all included in the subscription. With support no longer an expensive pain point for the company, the team can focus on doing their jobs and investing in their business, not worrying about where they can find help with their system when they need it and how much it might cost.

“The support we received prior to go-live and afterward has been excellent.  To date, we have logged over 60 requests for assistance and had timely resolution on all of them.  Our costs of support and running the system are a fraction of what they were before, with very little direct system overhead costs. Having that level of depth and breadth available on-demand with a phone call was an amazing experience that speaks to both the continued globalization of the IT industry and the power of the SaaS model and companies like Epicor who harness it for their customers.”

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