You’ve Outgrown QuickBooks…Now What? A Guide to Taking the Next Steps.

Many companies start out using an introductory system like QuickBooks- and why shouldn’t they? QuickBooks is a well known solution that is easy to use and fills the needs of a small company. But over time companies  who have outgrown QuickBooks begin to experience some of the common hassles and expenses of using a system that can no longer handle the changing requirements, processes, and accounting needs of a larger business. As a growing company you recognize the need for more visibility and additional functionality to truly thrive. So you make the decision to move from QuickBooks to a larger and more robust system; but at what cost?

As with any software purchase, there will be an investment required to move from QuickBooks to a more robust ERP system; but the ROI and new level of insight and control over your finances is well worth it. But how much of an investment should you make? How big a system do you need? This white paper covers a few of your options and tips on how to properly budget for the move. The paper compares the costs and functionality found in different levels of accounting and ERP systems including:

  • Entry-level accounting
  • Entry-level ERP
  • Mid- Market ERP
  • Enterprise ERP

Outgrown QuickBooks

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