Overcoming Industry Challenges with Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing ERP

In the growing and dynamically changing A&D industry, striving for world class quality and status- then maintaining it is a task that A&D manufacturers can’t take lightly. To adopt best practices that drive quality, provide industry leading customer service and ensure healthy profitability, companies this industry must partner with a proven Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing ERP System. Below, learn how aerospace and defense ERP can help you overcome your biggest challenges.

Overcoming Challenges with Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing ERP

Providing innovative products quickly: In the A&D industry, new ideas and techniques are sought after by customers who want better performance, longer product life, cheaper maintenance, etc. To keep up, Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing ERP must be agile and highly adaptive with the ability to provide up-to-date performance metrics, financial information, profit/loss summaries, and other information across product lines and departments. Epicor ERP goes beyond the boundaries of the traditional commercial enterprise requirements and provides the capabilities to manage the complex products, processes and regulations inherent to this market sector with features such as:

  • Epicor PDM provides a complete end-to-end solution to manage all aspects
    of a product’s lifecycle
  • Automatic assignment and routing of the work needed to engineer new products decreases time to market
  • Documentation within a single solution shared across the enterprise improves collaboration
  • More.

Retaining customers: Improvements in customer service rank among the highest priorities for aerospace and defense manufacturing leaders. Customers are heavily involved in the manufacturing process in A&D and companies need to be able to work them, control costs, and deliver on time. By providing outstanding cutomer experiences, manufacturing companies can increase their competitive advantage and create long-term relationships with customers. Epicor ERP helps make this possible by:

  • Integrating with Epicor CRM providing a 360-degree view of the entire customer relationship.
  • Maximizing customer satisfaction with online order management perfecting the order-to-delivery process.
  • Providing instant query summary and detailed information on an estimate, quote or order to shorten response times.
  • More.

Improving process efficiency: As mentioned above, change is constant for A&D manufacturers and only those who can keep up can remain a player in this highly competitive market. By increasing process efficiency and effectiveness you can build change into your operational and business processes. Epicor Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing ERP helps manufacturers do just that with features such as:

  • Centralized access to product, pricing, and customer information allows orders to be generated with a minimal number of steps
  • Visual engineering technology with indented tree structures and drag-and-drop BOM management increases productivity
  • Easily manipulated production schedules.
  • Multi-plant communication ensure that interdependent plant schedules are coordinated to support ease of integration of acquisitions
  • Supplier portal improves business efficiency by extending traditional boundaries for doing business with strategic suppliers

Keeping up with compliance requirements: Regulatory oversight and control around the manufacturing and traceability of product in the A&D industry is critical and the list is never-ending. Selecting the right ERP system helps you make sure you are meeting obligations and consistently complying with the complex requirements while also running your business the way you want to. Additionally, systems like Epicor ERP help you more effectively manage the audit process, providing a complete audit trail and easy access to supporting data.

While the 4 above topics represent some of the largest challenges in this industry, there are many more. But the point is this, with Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing ERP, employees across your company are empowered with the tools they need to overcome any challenge, deploy best practices, control costs, and help the company achieve sustained and profitable growth. Learn more about Epicor ERP in our resource library or explore the system for yourself, click the button below to begin your virtual tour.

Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing ERP

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