Replace Your Custom System with a Leading ERP Software; it’s costing you more money than you think

A Recent blog in this series explained why you should leave your custom solution
behind for a leading ERP software solution; your custom built solution is vulnerable and could put you in a bad position if key members of your team leave the company. You may have been willing to take that risk because you figured you were saving a significant amount of money by budiling your own system- you may want to reconsider that justification.

Sure developing a system internally may appear to be the economical choice to get everything you want in the system, but there may be a hidden price tag you are not seeing. Costs associated with building your own ERP system include monetary and time costs that you may not think about.

Consider the time it takes your in-house team to develop the program, salaries, hourly rates, etc. that adds up quite a bit doesn’t it? So they are spending all of their time and salaried hours working on this project- how many people is that taking away from customer projects and issues? Yes having a system in place to do the work your homegrown ERP system will do it important but in the short term, this project is not doing anything to propel the business forward; like serving customers. Some may argue that you would spend the same amount of money on a leading ERP system that you purchase from a vendor that you would after adding up all the time and money spent making your own- you may even save money depending on your particular resources and project.

Beyond the building of the system you now have to think about maintenance in the future. The maintenance of these custom systems is notoriously time-intensive, slow, and other frustrations. Not to mention the down-time for maintenance and outages. Again, considering the hours, money, and down-time you are more than likely better served by purchasing  leading ERP software; that way your internal team can work on projects that directly impact your bottom line and drive your business growth.

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