Sage 100 ERP Intelligence Reporting: Increase Reporting Productivity by 25%

Put most simply, business intelligence is the ability to compile, organize, and analyze data from across your organization and use it to make better, faster decisions. To make that possible, you must be able to pull all of your information into an easy to understand, actionable format and from there employees must be able to quickly and correctly analyze it to make strategic decisions. if you’re like most companies though, that is much easier said than done. A majority of organizations rely on excel, manual data entry to and from their ERP systems, and other slow, repetitive, error prone processes. The result of such methods is slow decision making often times based on old and incorrect data. Sage 100 ERP Intelligence Reporting helps companies increase reporting productivity, giving them confidence in their decisions and making them more agile, more profitable, and more competitive than their competitors.

When you rely on inefficient processes, you’re leaking profit from a number of places:

  • You feel the need to hire additional employees to help with the workload and take on the additional overhead.
  • Incorrect, costly decisions are made due to dated and/or incorrect data.
  • Money is then spent correcting errors caused by the decision (s).
  • You miss out on lucrative opportunities because you were too slow to act due to inaccessible data.
  • Due to poor visibility into how your customer relationships, product mix, marketing efforts, and sales team work together, you could be missing out on opportunities to maximize  the profit of your current relationships.
  • And much more.

Sage 100 ERP Intelligence Reporting can help you plug all of those leaks with flexible, automated reports based on data from your existing ERP solution to give your team the on demand, real time, and error free infromation they need to drive profit and growth. With Sage 100 ERP intelligence reporting, your entire team can spend their time analyzing data, collaborating, and implementing strategic decisions, not compiling reports or fixing errors.  With such control and insight into data, companies are seeing an average reporting productivity increase of 25%

To put that into perspective consider the following example:

A company has 4 people who are paid $40/hour who spend roughly 3 hours a day dealing with manual reporting. If this company could increase reporting productivity by 25%, they could save:

  • $120 /day
  • $600/week
  • $2,400/month
  • $28,800/ year!

What could you do with that extra $28,800? Surely you could think of something! Learn more about Sage 100 ERP intelligence reporting in our ERP and CRM learning center where you can read success stories, watch product demos, download white papers, and much more.

sage 100 ERP intelligence reporting

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