Sage 500 Customization Tools

Sage 500 ERP allows you to customize its entire system to match your specific needs. The customization tools also provide a foundation for integrating Sage 500 ERP with other applications, and for developing Microsoft-based business applications for the SQL Server environment that are compatible with Sage 500 ERP. With Source Code, you can tailor the entire Sage 500 system.

Benefits of the Sage 500 Customization Tools include:

  • Customize screens without modifying source code.
  • Get the information you need exactly the way you want it by customizing financial and operational reports.
  • Personalize business intelligence and key performance indicators to quickly get information that is most valuable to your business.
  • Extend your ERP solution by integrating data from custom applications and third-party systems.
  • Rapidly develop custom add-ons with the look and feel of Sage 500 ERP.


The Sage 500 Customizer enables you to modify screens and forms easily to match your specific business process. Even if you lack extensive programming knowledge, you can use Customizer to adapt form controls, tab sequences, and more, without changing source code.

You can enable business logic, define custom processes, or add new controls or application functionality by using the scripting languages included with the Customizer. This powerful feature also offers easy management of customizations through a server-based repository. You can also enable, disable, and delete customizations through a centralized customization management console. The customizer can alter application interfaces and add fields to forms using a short-cut approach that save valuable time. In addition, you can attach filed controls to database values, allowing you to add new fields to forms.

Benefits and features of the Sage 500 Customizer include:

  • Change standard screens and forms to fit your company perfectly.
  • Apply custom changes to specific users or across your entire organization.
  • Save data entry integrity by assigning default values to key fields.
  • Capture mission-critical information by creating new fields.
  • Modify form controls and field navigation to speed up data entry.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

You can use the Software Development Kit (SDK) to add functionality to standard Sage 500 applications, or as the basis for any Visual Basic or SQL business application development project. It is comprised of ActiveX software controls, tools, applications wizards, and utilities. The SDK module is the same framework that has been used to develop Sage 500, and is commonly used to create new reports, build new data entry screens, and develop custom applications. The Sage 500 SDK Installation Guide is a vital resource for more information on this module.

Source Code

The Sage 500 Source Code is available for development and implementation but it is relatively expensive and is intended only for larger companies that have dedicated IT resources that have been trained how to use the SDK. Most companies should NOT make their own source code modifications but are encouraged to work with a professional and experienced Sage 500 development firm for any and all source code modification projects or complex integrations.  Further, an experienced developer will know the best way to solve a problem with the least impact on your Sage 500 ERP source code making it easier to upgrade to future releases and minimizing upgrade costs for customizations.


For more information on Sage 500 Customization tools, download our free Sage 500 ERP Owner’s Manual available here or by clicking the button below.

 Sage 500 Customization

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