Sage 500 ERP 2015- Possible Release Date in September 2015 + Potential Enhancements

Sage 500 ERP 2015 EnhancementsWhile we won’t officially know the release date for Sage 500 ERP 2015 until Sage officially announces it, rumor has it the latest version of the software will be available in September of 2015. Sage usually makes such product announcements at Sage Summit which is to be held in July (we’ll be there in booth #321 by the way), but until then every Sage 500 ERP user out there is wondering what the new version will have to offer. Here’s what we know.

 According to Sage’s collaboration website where users can go in and suggest product enhancements, vote on suggestions, and track whether or not Sage has planned/completed them, there are a number of good things coming for Sage 500 ERP users with the next version. Here is what is currently listed as “planned” on the Sage 500 suggestions site although it does not say when the changes will be made:

  • Automated document transmittal for EFT transactions. With the way the system is currently set up only purchase orders can use document transmittel, meaning ACH/EFT payment notifications must be handled manually on an individual basis. This enhancement would automate the process to generate document transmittel each time an EFT payment is made, speeding up a cumbersome process.
  • On a related note, it’s also planned to enhance the product to give users the ability to send ACH remittance through document transmittal via email to increase efficiencies and save on costs.
  • Giving users the ability to enter a multi-line entry in CM transaction screen. That way users will only need to reconcile ONE debit or credit but it will hit multiple GL distribution accounts in the GL when posted. For example, if they enter one large deposit for $1000 but they need to distribute it accross multiple revenue accounts on the credit side.
  • Tools to purge manufacturing data such as transaction records or other “base” data in high volume or serialized operations. the purpose of this adjustment would be to allow users to  purge the “base” data first so that corresponding inventory records can then be purged without impacting drill down capabilities.
  • Improving the previous/next record navigation button functionality to that when the button is clicked the tasks stays on the same tab that it was on before it was clicked, rather than reverting back to the ‘Main’ tab to improve their usability for maintenance task navigation.
  • Allow for different skins for different companies to make managing multiple companies easier and reduce the risk for entering data or transactions into the wrong company or similar issues.
  • Adding customer memo notifications in the Sales Order Entry screen so users can store misc. notes about a customer or shipping address that will op up when an order is being entered for the customer to notify the order entry clerk that there is information to be aware of during order processing.
    • Adjust the system so all of the windows that open would retain the size and position each time that same window is opened. I find myself all the time having to move and resize windows over and over and over. A few places they do this, most places they do not.

Please note:these enhancements have not been confirmed as a part of the Sage 500 ERP 2015 release, only noted on the website as planned activities for the future. Look for the official announcement from Sage later this year.

What do you think about these planned enhancements? If you are a Sage 500 ERP user who wants to make suggestions or vote on the suggestions of others, go be a part of the conversation- Sage is listening! Click here to see other suggestions and cast your vote.

Not seeing a change that could help you increase the efficiency of your system? make a suggestion on the site or, if you’re in a rush, learn which additional modules, third party products, and services are available already that may solve your problem. That is exactly why we developed this Sage 500 ERP User Guide– to help you fully understand Sage 500 ERP and how to make it better.

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