Sage 500 ERP 2016: A First Look at the New Features and Enhancements

Sage Software recently unveiled a pre-release guide for the latest version of Sage 500 ERP which is scheduled to be available by the end of the 2015 calendar year. Focused mostly on core enhancements to make the software faster and easier to use, some of the new features and improvements listed in the Sage 500 ERP 2016 pre-release guide include:

New to Sage 500 ERP in the next release:

Color coded company codes to simplify managing multiple companies within Sage 500 ERP. Users can assign colors to the bottom of the screen (as shown below) for each company. This seemingly small change will be huge for anyone who is frustrated by accidentally entering the wrong information into the wrong screen because they didn’t notice they were in the wrong company code.

Improved accounts payable functionality to make electronic payments faster and easier. Some of these enhancements include:

  • New payment method option for Credit Card has been added to the “Set Up Payment Methods Dialogue.” When enabled, you will be able to process invoices for payment, create a manual payment entry, or apply a payment in ‘Apply Payments and Memos’ using Credit Card as the    payment method. In essence, applying a credit card payment to an existing invoice will be as     familiar as processing a batch of invoices for payment.  And applying a credit card payment to the balance for a single invoice will be as easy as entering a manual check.
  • Sage 500 ERP 2016 makes it easier to process EFT payments against open invoices. You’ve been able to do that for a while now- but it just got better. In addition to adding a new task to print a remittance advice, you can now configure those remittance advices in ‘Doc Transmittal’ to automatically inform all the appropriate contacts of the transmittal details. This eliminates the need to print hard copy or PDF and then manually attach and email the document.

The Inventory Management Purge Utility has been completed redesigned to allow users to record and retain the quantity and associated cost information as of the purge date. This will speed up and improve the performance of lookups, report generation, and overall processing of inventory transaction data for easier access to costing and stock status reports rely on the ability to calculate current dollar amounts and quantities based on full items history.

Enhancements to behavior and notification options for customer memos to make memos easier to access. These memos will now be displayed prominently during key processes to reduce errors made when memos are overlooked. So what’s different? You can now designate which specific processes will display memos (sales orders, shipments, returns, etc), mark a given memo as a priority, and view the total number of existing memos for a customer as shown below.

Sage 500 ERP 2016

Other notable enhancements and updates in Sage 500 ERP 2016 can also be found in:

  • Functional enhancements to Sage Intelligence
  • Usability and integration with Sage Inventory Advisor
  • The Sage Payment Solutions (SPS) platform
  • Ability to process Level 3 Data in credit card processing.
  • And much more.

What do you want to see in future release of Sage 500 ERP? As a user, you know best! Visit the Sage 500 Ideas Forum to cast your vote and let the publisher know how they can continue to make Sage 500 an even better product in the future.

Download the full pre-release guide below to learn about the many other changes and enhancements to Sage 500 ERP 2016!  Be sure to check back as more information becomes available!
Sage 500 ERP 2016

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