Sage can now Focus on Sage CRM

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Sage software has made a few strategic moves over the past years to help them narrow their foucs; Sage’s divestiture of ACT! and SalesLogix allows them to focus on development and sales of Sage CRM, a product initially developed by eWare Ltd., an Irish software developer acquired by Accpac in 2002.

Sage inherited Sage CRM (then called Accpac CRM) when it acquired Accpac from Computer Associates in 2004. Here’s an interesting side-note: Accpac was originally EasyBusiness Systems introduced in the late 1970s. Computer Associates acquired the company and its products in 1985 renaming it as ACCPAC in 1987. Accpac is an acronym for ‘A Complete and Comprehensive Program for Accounting Control.’

Sage CRM is a nice cloud-based CRM application. It can be hosted on a premise-based server or on Sage’s hosting platform and is available for a relative low cost for the value.

We used Sage CRM for a number of years ourselves. It had a lot of benefits but we found it difficult to adapt to our specific business requirements as a company that sells software products and consulting services. Sage CRM has some nice, native integration with many of the Sage ERP products and third party integrations are available for others.

Sage CRM is a solid consideration for many different companies but adapting it to specific business needs can be cumbersome and reporting can be frustrating if you’re technical and you don’t understand the underlying structure.

With that said, Sage has made significant improvements in Sage CRM over the past few releases and now that it’s the last CRM product in Sage’s portfolio – we’re confident that it’ll get a lot more attention as the premier CRM solution for Sage’s large ERP portfolio.

to be continued…

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