Sage ERP Intelligence Reporting Comparison

Data has become an important word in organizations around the world, and business intelligence (BI) solutions are becoming more and more popular since they make promises of real-time data from across an organization all in one place. In fact, IDC predicts that business analytics will reach a $50.7 billion market in the next two years and studies from both IBM and Gartner show that analytics and BI are the number-one technology priority for CIO’s.

The problem for many small and medium sized businesses is that BI solutions are traditionally geared for larger, more complex organizations- not to mention the expensive implementations that go along with them. With BI solutions seemingly out of their price range and too large for the needs, many SMBs have settled for Excel spreadsheets to pull together and gauge their data; a time consuming and difficult task. While Excel is a powerful and useful tool in some cases, it is not sophisticated enough to help you keep a close eye on your important business metrics.

On their own, spreadsheets are limited in their ability to gather and control data from multiple sources, they do not promise accuracy of information, they are prone to error, and they require manual updates.  Today though, products like Sage ERP Intelligence Reporting are changing the tide for SMBs with simple to use, easy to implement, and cost effective business intelligence tools built for the middle market.

Sage ERP Intelligence Reporting is one of these tools, giving users the ability to quickly and easily gather and analyze the information they need for fast and strategic action and strategic advantage. Learn more and see it in action here.

How does Sage ERP Intelligence Reporting stack up against the competition? The chart below compares Sage ERP intelligence reporting with it’s top 3 competitors.

Sage ERP Intelligence Reporting

Sage ERP Intelligence Reporting is an affordable, easy to use solution designed with advanced functionality and more flexibility than competing solutions to help small and medium-sized businesses take control of their data to see benefits such as:

  • Saving time and money through automation
  • Receive out-of-the-box value with predefined financial, sales, dashboard, and other reports.
  • Better, faster decision making by getting real-time data to the right people, at the right time to increase profits and create a competitive advantage,
  • Drive profitability by delivering a clear view of how you can fully leverage relationships, product mix, marketing tools, and sales people.
  • Streamlined reporting
  • Eliminate chaos related to spreadsheets
  • Improve collaboration through automated report distribution
  • And more.

Ready to get started? Contact us today to set up a demo of Sage ERP Intelligence Reporting or clear up any questions you might have.

Sage ERP Intelligence Reporting


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