How to Increase Sales with The Sage ERP X3 Mobile Sales App

Sage ERP X3 Mobile SalesHow many of your sales representatives are frequently on the road or work remotely? In many companies 60-90% of the sales force is scattered out in different geographies to serve the needs of customers in different locations. While a mobile sales team is great to ensure coverage across large areas, it’s not always great when your employees are unable to access up to date product information or check on the status of a customer order in Sage ERP X3 while on the road. While this may be the way it’s always been, mobile technology like the Sage Mobile Sales App is making it possible for your sales force to access such information no matter where they are.

With mobile access to your Sage ERP X3 data through Mobile Sales App, you can capture opportunities that may not have otherwise been captured, increase upselling opportunities, and get closer to your sales goals. In fact, recent reports found that 43% more sales quota is achieved by sales teams that have mobile tools at their disposal vs. those who do not.

What exactly is Sage Mobile Sales?

It is a cloud-based app for mobile devices that delivers customer, inventory, and order related data from Sage ERP X3 to sales representatives wherever they are to help them improve efficiency, lower costs, and close more sales. The Sage Mobile Sales App is compatible with many different ERP solutions from Sage, not just Sage X3.

What can you do with Sage Mobile Sales for Sage ERP X3?

With the Sage Mobile Sales App external and remote sales reps can access real-time information so they can see exactly what’s happening with any customer or orde, access key statistical information, enter transactions, and much more. Here are a few more of the many things you can do when you use the Sage ERP X3 mobile sales app

  • View/ edit customer information.
  • Review your catalog with customers and show related items.
  • Create/email a quote.
  • Check product availability.
  • Enter an order and accept immediate payment.
  • up-sell, cross-sell, and repeat sales.
  • Provide a superior in-person buying experience.
  • Get anytime, anywhere access to customer account information.
  • Up-to-date online catalog eliminates need for printed version.
  • Eliminate multistep order processing and frees operations time.

There is much more you can do with the Sage Mobile Sales App for Sage ERP X3, see for yourself in the video below and access additional information in our Resource Library.

Productivity hint: Skip forward 7:26 to skip the intro and get directly into the app demo!

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