Sage ERP X3 Reporting: Financial Data Extraction Calculation and Inquiry

In Sage ERP X3, a function called “Financial Data Extraction” is one of the Sage ERP X3 reporting tools provided that gives the user flexibility while creating financial reports. In a previous blog, we covered how to setup of the FDE report.  In this blog, we will walk you through how to run the report calculation and how to view the extraction results.

Setting up and using the Financial Data Extraction (FDE) functionality consists of the following steps:

  • Setup, which will define the report characteristics, columns, rows, etc.
  • Calculation, which generates the real-time data for the report.
  • Inquiry, which will display the report data.

We covered the first step in this blog. Instructions to help you with the final two steps are below:

Financial Data Extraction Calculation in Sage ERP X3

The calculation screen is found in menu:  Financials / Reporting / Financial Data Extraction / Calculation.  Select the report group and worksheet. In this example, we see the calculation parameters for an Income Statement.

Sage ERP X3 Reporting

You can allow the system to generate a version number for the calculation, or you can name the version yourself in the Version cell.  This version name will identify the calculation when later viewing the results.

In the Parameter Definition section, you can enter in the Company, the Start and End Dates for both columns (Actual MTD and Actual YTD).

If we had defined variables, the variable value would be defined in the Variables section.

Financial Data Extraction Inquiry in Sage ERP X3

To see the results of the calculation, the Inquiry screen is used to select the Extraction Code and version (menu:  Financials / Reporting / Financial Data Extraction / Inquiry).
Sage ERP X3 Financial Data Extraction Calculation

The Parameter Definition tab is view-only, but provides a reference for the selections made during the calculation of the data.  The Setup tab is also view-only and available as a reference to the original FDE setup.

The results may be printed using the Print icon, or choosing File / Print.   You may also choose to export the results using the Export button.

Depending on the settings in the FDE setup, it may be possible to overwrite the numbers by keying new values into the cells.  If numbers are manually changed, they will appear in the color red.

If the postings happen to change after the initial calculation due to additional postings in Sage ERP X3, you may recalculate the values by clicking on the Calculation button in the Inquiry screen.

Sage ERP X3 Financial Data Extraction Inquiry

The RTZ Values Entered checkbox gives you control over whether you want the manually entered values to be recalculated by the system.  The checkbox for Including the Values Entered the calculation will include any value that has been deleted from a table.

The version history with the calculated values will remain in the list on the left, until deleted.

You’re done!

If you have additional questions or need help setting up and using financial data extraction in Sage ERP X3, contact us today! One of our Sage ERP X3 consultants would be happy to help you and answer your questions about Sage ERP X3 reporting or any of the other functions in your system.

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by Kathy Muczynski

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