Seeking Input from Company Leaders During ERP Selection

ERP selectionThe process for selecting the right ERP system involves a lot of research and a lot of input from people throughout the organization. Right from the very beginning of the project though there is one important group to engage, company leaders.

C-Level Executives:

Of course working with your company executives is crucial to any important business decision, but involving the company CEO, CFO, and COO in the ERP evaluation and selection process is important on multiple levels. For example, they will be the ones signing off on this large purchase and any subsequent expenses relating to the project (such as training, consulting, etc.)  Further, these are the people in the company who have the long-term plans and vision of where the company is headed and what changes might occur along the way; these are important factors in selecting a system that can meet the needs of your business today and keep up with future changes.

Getting executives behind an ERP project also helps get others in the company behind it as well will is essential for end-user adoption and overall success and return on investment.

Information Technology (IT) Manger(s):

Management in the IT department will be especially interested in the ERP selection process since, when things break or go wrong, they will be the first person called to fix the problem. With that being said, they’ll want to ensure that (a) there won’t be frequent problems and (b) they’ll be relatively easy to fix when they do happen.

Your IT staff will be especially knowledgeable about the company’s technological infrastructure and requirements, which will help you ensure that the ERP systems you are considering will fit into the overall technology strategy and integrate with other critical systems.  Seek their input so they can immediately tell you which systems will work, and which will surely be a failure for your company if selected.

At least one manager from other areas of the business, such as customer support, finance, manufacturing, R&D, marketing, sales,  etc. should all be a part of the selection process as well to ensure their departmental needs are met.

There are many, many other factors that play into the successful selection and implementation of an ERP system. Learn more in the white paper below.

ERP Selection

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