Selecting a Sage X3 Developer That Will Rock Your Sage ERP X3 Customization

Sage X3 DeveloperOne of the many reasons companies choose Sage ERP X3 is its ability to be customized. In some cases you can make changes to personalize the system to fit your preferences; for example, modifying the visual process flows. In some cases though, you may need to call in the help of a Sage X3 developer for a more advanced customization. There are many developers out there who may be able to help you, but not every Sage development partner is created equal! Selecting the right Sage X3 developer is critical to the success of not only this specific project, but your ERP system as a whole, so make sure you take your time and select a developer who will truly rock your customization.  Before making your final decision, here are a few tips to help you select the right Sage X3 developer for the job.

Sage X3 Developer Selection Tips:

 Experience & History: Ask the developer or check out their website to see what other development work they have done. For example, do they currently offer enhancements for Sage products? If they do they are already showing their skills for working with Sage ERP products. Another important question to ask is how long the company has been developing Sage ERP solutions, the longer they have been working with Sage and Sage products, the more knowledge and experience they will have to reference during your project.

Staffing & Process: Does the developer have the necessary certifications? What about the process they use to work through a project? Ask to see a sample of design specs and other documentation to ensure you will be comfortable working with them and that the end-user will be able to understand the customization when it is complete.

Always ask for references: If you have a number of developers you are trying to choose between, ask them for references, you may want to talk with end-users as well as IT to get answers to all of your questions. Also considering asking Sage for a list of developers in your area if you would prefer a nearby developer to reduce the cost of travel and other expenses.

Pricing: price and fees are always important for any project, but make sure you are getting quality work, not just a cheap price. Also be sure to ask about any fees not included in the original quote, whether or not fees are fixed, ect. So ensure there are no surprises when you are given your final quote.

Remember: What truly sets the course for an ERP project is not the technology alone, it’s the partner you choose for the journey– someone you can trust and count on to help you reach your goals.  We know our Sage X3 developers can help you get the most out of your investment in the system. e2b teknologies has won numerous awards for growth, profitability, customer satisfaction, including being named to the Sage America President’s Circle for the 2013-2014 business year for the company’s success and proficiency in the sale, installation, and support of Sage ERP products.

Sage X3 Developer

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