Selecting ERP for Rubber and Plastics Manufacturing

Rubber and plastic manufacturers make the many products that we rely on every day. These include the tires we put on our cars to the flip-flops we wear to the beach. The process of manufacturing these different products though can vary quite drastically and so too does the software that supports them. The needs of rubber and plastic manufacturers varies widely depending on different stages in the supply chain, the nature of the products they make, and specific requirements and regulations for the intended use of the products by industry.  Like manufacturing plants, not all ERP systems are alike, so it is important to choose ERP for rubber and plastics designed to supports your specific needs.

To complicate matters further, the end-use of the product also has its own set of unique requirements. For example, manufacturing plastic barrels for the food and beverage industry come with strict FDA regulations while manufacturing similar barrels for transporting chemicals or other products may not be regulated at all. Further, many rubber and plastic parts are used on automobiles which often require companies to comply with quality assurance standards set forth by industry groups such as the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) and products used on airplanes or in the nuclear industry have altogether different regulations.

Many companies can utilize discrete manufacturing ERP systems like Epicor ERP or Sage 100 ERP while others that require mixed-mode or process manufacturing capabilities are best-suited with systems like Sage ERP X3.

When evaluating ERP software for rubber and plastic industries, it is important to consider your unique business requirements and to evaluate ERP systems that meet the majority of your critical needs while paying close attention to secondary needs, strength of the underlying technology and accounting system, and ability to integrate or add-on to the product with best-in-class software for extended functionality.

ERP for rubber and plastics

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