Choosing Between Rubber and Plastic Manufacturing ERP Vendors

When it comes to the rubber and plastic manufacturing ERP software selection process, it is important to remember the significance of vendor selection. Choosing among rubber and plastic ERP vendors is just as vital as making the right choice about the ERP software itself. So, before making your  final decision, be sure to consider the following.

Choosing Between Rubber & Plastic ERP Vendors 

Experience: One of the best things you can do is check that the vendor(s) you are considering have experience in the rubber and plastic industry. While they do not have to know the industry inside and out, they should have a working knowledge of the industry basics, how a company like yours operates, and how ERP software can help you improve. In the end, you are the rubber and plastic manufacturing expert and they are the ERP expert; sure be sure you’re not having to start at square one with your vendor as this will only increase the project timeline. One way to figure out whether or not your potential vendor(s) are experienced in your industry is to ask for references; these should be current customers in your industry who can speak to the strengths and weaknesses of the vendor and the software they represent.

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Getting Started: Start the vendor selection process by simply conducting an Internet search specifying your company’s needs. Even better, reach out to industry peers and ask for a reference if they are happy with their current vendor or system.  No ERP vendor will speak openly about the drawbacks of their software or their own services, so it is important to ask external references about their experience with the product.

Narrow Your Findings: After conducting an extensive search and sifting through the results, you should be able to narrow your findings down and develop a short list of vendors that will potentially suit your needs.  At first, it may seem that there are dozens of vendors that may be a good fit for your company.  However, through extensive research, you should be able to pick out two or three vendors could be a best-fit for your organization.

After creating your short list, give the ERP vendors a call to discuss their offerings and experience further. These calls will give you a better idea of the vendor and the solution they provide instead of simply relying on a brochure, white paper, or something you read online. From there you will want to set up a software demonstration to see the software in action.

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Make a Decision: Once you have all the information you need, it is time to make a final selection on an ERP vendor.  Choose the vendor that provides the best fit for your company and meets each of your requirements.  With the successful selection of a vendor, the implementation of your company’s ERP system will be easy and prosperous.

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 Rubber and Plastic Manufacturing ERP

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