Simplify Manufacturing Project Management with Sage ERP X3 Project Management Tools

Sage ERP X3

ERP systems are the backbone of any manufacturing organization, but a system like Sage ERP X3 can do much more than ensure your basic operations are running smoothly. It can also help you manage individual projects far more efficiently and effectively, helping you provide high quality results within agreed upon time frames and budgets.

Project Management is a discipline that can be applied to virtually any industry, but because manufacturing is so deeply rooted in processes that build upon each other and a critical need for quality in each and every step, project management is crucial for ongoing success, customer satisfaction, and business growth.

Here are a few of the major project management features within Sage ERP X3 to help you better organize every phase of your projects, including quotation, production, cost variances, and more.

Project management functions in Sage ERP X3 include:

  • Project management structure
  • Project template & projects link
  • Dependency of level
  • Definition of operations generated
  • Internal & external view
  • Detailed tasks/products defined on the lines
  • Invoicing rules (Situation / Fixed Date / Steps…)
  • Invoicing generation (invoice per project, per customer, entities…)
  • Purchase, distribution, manufacturing, services lines links to the different processes
  • Turnover and costs defined at the line level & aggregate to other levels
  • Project review through situation
  • Saved situation
  • Automated situation
  • Generation of operations due to the situation (service resquest, purchase, working order, invoices…)
  • Automated invoicing with an option to automate credit and collection processes as well.
  • Manual adjustment of remaining time

Sage ERP X3 project management features give you a global view of all of all of the information you need to better manage your times, resources, budget, and quality of each and every project. Learn more by watching the video below:

Learn more about Sage ERP X3 project management tools and the other functions available to help manufacturers make the most out of their ERP investment. Click below to enter our Resource Library.
Sage ERP X3

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