Solving Industry Specific Challenges with Oil and Gas ERP

There is no shortage of challenges for companies who operate in the oil and gas industry; compliance requirements, fluctuating demand and prices, industry specific accounting updates and issues, massive operating costs, project complexity, and increasing demand of alternative energy resources are just a few of the many obstacles standing in the way of profitability and growth. Luckily industry specific oil and gas ERP is available to help businesses overcome these (and other) challenges while also keeping up with intense competition and sudden changes to support ongoing business and operational success.

Oil and Gas ERP Requirements

There are many different options available for companies in the oil and gas industry and each company will have its very own set of concerns and requirements, but many will have similar software needs, such as:

  • Cost control and tracking
  • Equipment management
  • Project management
  • Document management
  • Financial projections
  • Production planning and reporting
  • Multilingual, multi-currency for global customers and partners
  • Standard financial management, cash management, and accounts receivable management.
  • Investment tracking
  • Human Resources
  • More

While every company is different, there are a few ERP systems that truly shine when it comes to serving this industry. While evaluating your options, be sure consider Epicor ERP.  

Whether you manufacture, maintain, build, or install in support of the energy industry, or provide services to that industry, Epicor ERP can help manage complex projects, control your processes, reduce costs, comply with regulations, and respond to a new set of challenges each day. Designed for organizations who supply products and services to the energy industry The solution goes beyond traditional ERP to provide project management, mobile field service management, maintenance management, financial management, asset management, customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM), and more.

Why companies choose Epicor ERP for Oil and Gas:

 “Epicor has extensive experience in optimizing the ERP capabilities for Oil & Gas firms so we are bringing in just the right processes EMDAD needs to heighten the performance and value of its business,” said Jawad Squalli, regional vice president for Epicor in the Middle East, Africa and India. “The levels of integration, cross-functionality and scalability found in Epicor ERP will give EMDAD the edge it needs to address the demands of its growing markets and remain competitive in the various fields it engages in.”

Learn more about Epicor ERP in the Resource Center below and if you have questions, get in touch with our Epicor consulting team, just click here.

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