Study Shows Customers Recognize 103% ROI with Epicor ERP Software

Forrester Consulting answers the question, “What is the total economic impact of Epicor ERP?”

A June 2014 study conducted by Forrester Consulting titled, “The Total Economic Impact of Epicor ERP: Cost Savings and Business Benefits Attributed to Epicor ERP” investigated the return on investment and benefits recognized by Epicor ERP users. Major findings from the study are reported below.

The study was built on in-depth interviews with Epicor customers all over the world in which they discussed their attributes and experiences with Epicor ERP software.  Forrester also looked into the financial impact and investment ROI of Epicor ERP for an organization. Major findings from the study were reported in a recent Epicor press release:

“Epicor ERP enabled the composite organization to achieve risk-adjusted monetary benefits of more than $3.8 million, with a risk-adjusted ROI of 103% and a payback period of 15 months, in addition to $1.25 million in productivity savings bringing the total economic benefit to more than $5 million.”

Additionally, the study found that Epicor ERP helped companies recognize additional benefits including:

  • 15% reduction in average inventory levels
  • 12% time savings (2,500 hours per year) in production control
  • Increased sales productivity and improved customer satisfaction through more accurate sales estimates and order fulfillment, streamlined order-to-cash processing and self-service ecommerce storefront for order placement and tracking.
  • Improved cross-organizational financial visibility and control over financial reporting, planning, and forecasting processes, while complying with corporate, finance, and international trade standards.
  • Continuous improvement and increased productivity through creation and enforcement of unique business processes, alerts, and workflows that eliminate waste among critical business processes without customizing the software.
  • A relatively short time to implement and deploy, lowering cost of ownership and accelerating ROI.

The full Forrester report is available here. The graphic below provides a visual representation of study findings below. Click here or on the image to view a larger graphic.
Epicor ERP

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