SugarCRM App for iPhone and Android

SugarCRM AppSugar Mobile: The SugarCRM App for iPhone and Android Phones

CRM solutions are ideal for the sales rep. They automate sales processes and allow reps to log their notes and pull up account records. That’s why, if your sales reps are mobile, your CRM solution needs to be mobile too. The SugarCRM app for iPhone and Android phones, Sugar Mobile, is the perfect answer to an actively mobile sales force.

Sugar Mobile is an extension of your desktop SugarCRM platform. All of your contacts, accounts, opportunities, meetings, calls and more can be recalled from your mobile device and edited just like from the desktop application. Fully integrated with your phone’s technology, Sugar Mobile allows you to send email, place calls, or get directions directly from your records in the app.

In addition to full access to your SugarCRM modules, Sugar Mobile has an option for offline sync. There will often be times when your sales reps won’t have internet connection to their phone. In these instances, the SugarCRM app will store all information and updates that you make in the application, and it will upload all of this data to your database once internet connection is restored.

Unlike other mobile CRM applications, Sugar Mobile is available for free with all product editions. To download the Sugar Mobile app for Android phones, visit the Google Marketplace. To download the app for iPhone, visit the Apple Marketplace.

For a visual experience of the Sugar Mobile app, watch the video below. This video provides a live demonstration of the capabilities and functions of the SugarCRM app.

Sugar Mobile App

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