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SugarCRM Demos

SugarCRM is a robust CRM solution that manages the most integral processes of your marketing, sales, support, and more. We’ve put together several hours worth of SugarCRM demos of Sugar, and this article will highlight the most salient of those demos. For a full list of all of our demos and SugarCRM videos, check out our YouTube channel

Managing Calls in SugarCRM
This demo covers how to create calls and meetings in Sugar. It goes over adding invitees, scheduling follow ups, managing calendars, searching on calls, setting notifications, and more.

Enter and View Records in Sugar 7
This demo covers how to enter and view records in the new Sugar version 7. It covers the business card view, record dashboards, quick creates/edits, and more.

Dashboards and Activity Streams in Sugar 7
This demo covers how to manage your personal dashboard and activity stream in the new Sugar version 7. It covers how to customize your dashboard, view reports from your dashboard, share information and documents via the activity stream, and more.

Calls, Meetings, and Calendars in Sugar 7
Similar to the “Managing Calls in SugarCRM” demo, this will show how to schedule and manage your calls, meetings, and calendars – but it will do so with a few updates with the new Sugar version 7.

Sugar Mobile App Demo
This short demo will show you a complete run-through of the Sugar Mobile application. We show how to quickly view and edit records, make calls and email to contacts directly out of the app, schedule meetings and calls, and more.

SugarCRM for Marketing Management

This demo (which starts at around 1:30) talks about managing communications in SugarCRM. It covers email campaigns, building lead forms, marketing campaigns, reporting, workflow, and more.

Developing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in SugarCRM
This video talks about what KPIs are, the benefits and solutions of SugarCRM’s reporting, gives an overview of Sugar’s reporting functionality, and then jumps into a demo at 10:00.

SugarCRM in a Nutshell
This demo gives a high-level overview of the features and functions of SugarCRM.

Business Intelligence and Reporting with SugarCRM
This SugarCRM demo, which starts around 8:30, goes over building reports and pulling data from Sugar.

SugarCRM for Sales Force Automation

This video covers why sales people use Sugar, some of the sales capabilities of Sugar, and then jumps into a demo of Sugar around 7:05. In the demo we cover managing your pipeline and sales processes in Sugar.

SugarCRM Email Integration
This video covers the most popular email integrations for Sugar, with a focus on inBOX25. A demo of using inBOX25 with Sugar starts at around 4:40.

How to Effectively Segment Your SugarCRM Database
This video talks about the importance of segmenting your marketing messages to specific audiences, and then shows how to segment your database in a demo around 6:40.

How to Use SugarCRM for MarCom
This video covers using SugarCRM for marketing communication. It starts with the benefits of a strong marketing communication plan, and then starts with a demo around 3:05.

If you have an interest in Sugar, or if you’d like a personal demo of anything we haven’t covered here, let us know:

SugarCRM Demo

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