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Sugar GoogleMapsEmbedding Google Maps into Your SugarCRM Records

Embedding Google Maps into your SugarCRM system will allow you to easily pull up mapped locations of the accounts in your system. This tool performs a search on the address fields in your accounts module and sends a query to Google – so that their location is populated on a map right in the record. This allows you to not only pull up a quick map of your customers and accounts, but getting directions is just one click from your CRM.

To set up Google Maps in Sugar, it’s best to create a separate tab or panel to display the map since it’s going to be larger than your other fields and this will give you more area to view. Create a separate tab in your Accounts module to house the map.

Next you’re going to create an IFrame field in your accounts module:

  • To do this, go to Admin > Studio > Accounts > Fields > Add Field.
  • Under Data Type, select IFrame.
  • Name this new field something simple, like “Account Map.”
  • Now check the box for “Generate URL.”
  • Make sure “id” is selected.
  • Now for the Default Value, enter:{billing_address_street},{billing_address_city},{billing_address_state},{billing_address_postalcode},{billing_address_country}&output=embed
  • You’re going to want to make sure the field names in this formula correspond to the field names you’re using for your address fields. The ones provided in this formula are the names given to the modules out-of-the-box. To see the names of your address fields, you can click on “Fields” to get a list of names.
  • For the “Max Size” you can put anything you want, but a good number is something around 255.
  • For the “IFrame Height” put something around 400.
  • Make sure this field is not Required or Importable.
  • After you save, just add this new field to your display view.

If all of these steps are done correctly, you should have a map in your account records that automatically look up your account’s addresses. It will look something like this:

SugarCRM Google Maps

You can perform the same functions here that you can with Google Maps from your browser, such as getting directions, reading reviews, etc.

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