SugarCRM hailed a ‘Visionary’ in Gartner Report

In late July SugarCRM was positioned as a “visionary” in the Gartner 2013 “Magic
Quadrant for Sales Force Automation” for the company’s vision and execution of that vision. SugarCRM has been on the move and gaining serious momentum recently, especially in the last year or so. For example SugarCRM doubled its number of global subscribers in 2012 and continues to grow nationally and internationally in the mid-size and enterprise sized markets in 2013.

SugarCRM is hailed for being a step ahead of the game and providing highly innovative products that move the market forward such as the company’s customer relationship management software simply called Sugar. The report from Gartner stated, “Visionaries are ahead of most potential competitors in delivering innovative products and/or delivery models. They anticipate emerging/changing sales needs, and move the market ahead into areas where it hasn’t yet been.”

In a recent press release, SugarCRM’s CEO said, “Traditional CRM software was developed largely for the needs of the corporation. Sugar instead focuses on the needs of the real constituents of CRM: the customer and the user.  Sugar enables its users to understand each customer as a unique individual, and create the expertise needed to drive a superior experience every time they engage with their customers. The result is higher customer lifetime value and sales growth. We believe Gartner’s recognition of SugarCRM as a ‘Visionary’ is further validation of our unique ability in today’s market to deliver tomorrow’s solution for CRM.”

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SugarCRM Gartner

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