SugarCRM Import Templates for Migration

Sugar ImportSugarCRM might not be your first CRM system. And if it is, you probably were using spreadsheets before to manage your contacts and accounts. Fortunately, it’s easy to migrate your old data using our SugarCRM import templates. You can download our Sugar import templates by clicking the button at the bottom of this article, but first let’s cover the best ways to get your data into Sugar.

The templates provided below are a good starting point for importing into the out-of-the-box modules in Sugar. But chances are you will have custom fields in your modules. Make sure you have all of your custom fields added to these templates by simply creating a new column. When naming the top of the column, use the exact name that you have for your field in Sugar. You should also delete columns to fields you won’t be using in Sugar.

Before doing an import, it is best to have your modules set up exactly how you plan to use them. Make sure your custom fields are all created, and your unneeded fields are taken out of the layout. This way you won’t have to deal with going back and updating information after the import has happened. Also, if you’ve pulled information out of an old system, or even if you’ve been managing things in spreadsheets, use this time before the import to clean your data. Weed out duplicates, bad emails, and any faulty information. Your CRM is only as good as the data in it, so make sure that data is at its best.

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SugarCRM Import Template

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