SugarCRM :Scheduling and Managing Calls, Meetings, and Calendars in Sugar 7

Sales, Marketing, and Support employees are constantly in meetings and on conference calls, but many CRM solutions make it tough to manage all of those activities efficiently due to slow, clunky, hard to use systems. SugarCRM is highly focused on making scheduling easy so these employees can focus their time and energy not on the act of scheduling those events and keeping them straight, but on making those meetings and phone calls more effective.

SugarCRM  allows your team to quickly schedule events, invite others to those events, view schedules, set event reminders, edit event details, and more in just a few clicks. Sugar has a clean, fast, easy to use interface to make managing schedules easy so you can get back to what matters.

Watch this video for a short demonstration which illustrates how fast and easy it truly is to manage both inside and outside interactions in SugarCRM.  This video will walk through how to create calls, log meetings, manage calendars, and more in Sugar 7.

Like what you see? Our Free Trial is ideal for Marketing, Sales and Support professionals to evaluate Sugar. the trial is on-demand and ready as soon as you download it, there is no need to install anything on your computer, and a credit card is not required prior to download.

SugarCRM Free Trial

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