Choosing the Best Automotive ERP Solution

Automotive manufacturers are faced with solving a difficult puzzle: how do we design a better product while decreasing cost? Luckily, the answer to this question has already been solved. Automotive ERP can help to bring about collaboration, increase innovation and manage the supply chain to become more efficient and reducing costs. However, this brings about another big questions. What is the best automotive ERP choice? Below we take a look at Epicor automotive ERP, one of many great options for the automotive industry.
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Innovating with Automotive Manufacturing ERP

The automotive industry can be extremely competitive. Consumers are constantly looking for the newest technology and the next best thing, which means automotive manufacturers need to be on top of their game. As more technology becomes available, those with the best IT rise to the top of the innovation chain. More and more companies are deploying automotive manufacturing ERP in order to stay innovative while also reducing cost and fulfilling demand.
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Top Challenges of Automotive Suppliers and How ERP Addresses Them

With demand growing and competitive prices becoming increasingly important, Automotive supply chains are under more pressure than ever to operate smoothly and efficiently.  Suppliers must become more flexible, and implement systems that are powerful and responsive enough to handle the competitive nature of the automotive industry. ERP for automotive suppliers grants companies of all sizes the control and flexibility required to meet the above demands and remain competitive in today’s competitive marketplace. Continue reading

Automotive ERP: Why Epicor ERP is the Clear Choice for Automotive Supply Chains

epicor erp automotiveThe pool of automotive suppliers continues to shrink, only those with the most flexible IT infrastructure can adapt to the increasing demands of automotive customers. Epicor ERP for automotive is the answer. Access the 30 minute recorded webinar from January 2, 2013  and learn how Epicor ERP can help you: Continue reading