The Benefits of a B2B Ecommerce Storefront

Increasingly, customers wants to be able to do everything online, from their Friday night carry-out dinner to the products they use every day for their business. This means that even businesses want to be able to search online for the products they need to buy and also make the purchase right then. This type of convenience could be the deciding factor between your business and a competitor, which is one benefit of having a B2B ecommerce storefront.
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Your Custom ERP Solution Lacks Key Integration with B2B eCommerce Storefront Platforms… and That’s a Huge Problem.

Custom erp solutions are known for a severe lack of integration capabilities. Your company relies on so many important systems and if your custom ERP doesn’t play well with them you are setting yourself up for errors and quite a few headaches; especially if you use an eCommerce storefront. Continue reading