4 Ways to Go Lean for Industrial Equipment Manufacturers

Talk to almost any industrial equipment manufacturer and they will tell you that implementing lean methodologies is almost impossible in their industry. Since they are making complex products, the tenets of lean technically don’t fit into their manufacturing model. Lean methodologies remove waste or time wasting activities from a manufacturing process. Doing this lowers product times and product waste. Lean advocates tend to look towards manufacturing specifically for customer demand as the way to become a truly lean manufacturing company, however, this can seem an impossible feat to industrial equipment manufacturers.
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Benefits of Migrating to A Modern Capital Equipment Manufacturing ERP System

The average lifespan of an ERP system is generally accepted to fall somewhere between 7-10 years- How long had you had your ERP system? In a recent article we shared some compelling statistics from Aberdeen as to why mid-sized manufacturers should upgrade to a modern ERP system, such as:

While these statistics are indeed compelling and come from a renowned research group, nothing says it better than real-life stories. Learn why Howe Corporation, a leading mid-sized manufacturer of refrigeration and ice machine equipment chose to update their system to a modern Capital Equipment Manufacturing ERP system and the benefits they recognized after implementing Epicor ERP.
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