Can They Really Tax SaaS?

The internet of things (IoT) is taking over. Most suspect that by 2020, most aspects of our lives will be connected. We’re talking anything from coffee makers, lamps, ovens or refrigerators to wearable devices. Forbes observed in 2014 that “anything that can be connected, will be connected,” and their point is quickly being proven correct.
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Mid-Market Companies and Cloud ERP: Study Shows Their Becoming a Popular Pair

A recent study by Forrester confirms the rumors: Mid-market companies are continually warming up to the idea of Cloud ERP. In the recent past, adoption of cloud ERP was popular mostly in large enterprises but this study shows that while not everyone is on board with the idea of running ERP in the cloud, many in the mid-market are shifting their opinions on the subject. Continue reading

Cloud Computing and Modern CRM System Investments to Drive Growth of IT Budgets in 2013 & 2014

Gartner recently published a report stating that IT budgets will significantly increase
throughout 2013 and 2014 due to cloud computing and Modern CRM System investments.


The report states that companies are beginning to see the value in modern CRM systems and their ability to enhance customer experiences. In Today’s competitive market customer experience is everything- and modern CRM systems and new mobile and social functionality have proven themselves as driving factors in increased customer satisfaction due to better customer service. Continue reading

The Benefits of Cloud Accounting Software

Gartner has predicted that by 2013, cloud computing will grow into a $150 billion cloud accounting softwaremarket, the use and adoption of cloud accounting software contributes to this growth. Some of us have yet to embrace the cloud due to fear of losing control of important data, security, or they just do not want to move away from tradition. For whatever the reason, many have not yet moved to the cloud while others have flocked to it. So whether you are toying with the idea of moving to cloud accounting software or if you already have, here are a few common benefits recognized by users of cloud accounting software. Continue reading